k so im learning german, but in this book i got its not very clear on the pronounciation of certain things,

like the ''ch'' in Ich or something like that,

is it ''ish'' or ''ik'' or more an in between those two?
its like ik with some pronunciation on the h afterwards.

like ikh.
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its like ik with some pronunciation on the afterwards.

like u mean i put more accent on the ''k'' part of it?
My German teacher told me it's used both ways, but depends which part of Germany you are in.
It can be said both ways. It depends on what part of Germany you are trying to sound like. I have heard Germans pronounce it both as "Ick" and "Ish" There are accents and dialects in Germany just like the U.S.

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It depends where you are in Deutschland. There are different dialects, just like everywhere else.
In the south in the Schwabien areas they would say Ich like eesch
In the north it is very much like most people think like ICK!
But if you want to impress a Deutscher just say it like they would in the south, nice and smooth just let it flow over your tongue, dont even use your tongue that much.
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Yes. This.

But really, I say it like "Ih-ck." like "Ick" with more of an 'h' sound also.

Like.. say "Eh." but raise you tounge in the back of your mouth at the end of the syllable and it'll make a sort of harsh sound like "Ih-HHH." but smoother.

Eh. I'm bad at explaining it, though I am German. :/
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It's kind of like the sound heard in Norwegian when a soft vowel follows 'k' (also in the diphthong 'kj'). My book describes it as being similar to the 'h' in 'hugh'. I thought that it could be pronounced more than one way in German, though, like the sound of the Dutch 'g'.
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