The song is incomplete and stuff but I just want to know what you think of it so far. The song is really plain and simple for now because I'm trying to think of the perfect solo bits for it. This is just a small solo comp.

Melodic Jazz.gp5
Piano intro was really cool. Verse was awesome, though the bass should be louder. On the whole really nice, but short. Upload newer versions of it and let me know!
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The piano and bass parts work really well together in the verse. Good writing, keep it up!

I can imagine that some of the lead parts you're going to write over that will sound amazing.
First of all, it is really pleasent to hear something that isn't a Megadeth wannabe.
The intro, or whatever is that (with the ''sweeping'' on the piano) was epic.
The second part, which is the one of the sustained chords, eventhough the chords were well chosen, I didn't like it, I got bored, make the bass do something crazy there, or the guitar, or add some drums there.

7/10 and it is pretty incomplete
I do like the jazz aspect of this song. As said before crappy metal is getting a little old. I really enjoyed the piano introduction. Near the end of the song when you're using the whole notes for two measures, I think instead of just having the bass during the first one. That also could be just an incomplete portion of the song. But just a thought. I'd really enjoy a saxophone in this song somewhere as well.


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