Hey, I have a few things for sale, all are in working order. Buyer will pay actual shipping, which is around $7 for the smaller Boss pedals, and approximately $60 for the guitar (boxes aren't cheap -_-). Pickup and delivery a possibility.

Pedals for sale. First person that buys 4 or more, I'll include 3 right angle connectors. 5 or more and I'll toss in a One Spot with a 5 plug connector.

Boss CE-2 $110
Boss EQ-20 $120
Boss CS-3 $45
ISP Decimator $85
Visual Sound H2O Liquid Chorus/Echo $75
Crybaby Wah $40
Marshall MG Footswitch $20


MG footswitch isn't shown.

'69 Fender Telecaster Thinline Reissue MIM with a sunburst finish. $460

Excellent condition. Serial MN8107800. Low action and intonated. Comes with a gigbag.



willing to trade a Roland microcube for anything?
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i am intereseted in the tele. still selling it for $460?
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