my strings are always breaking in the same spot by the bridge and it always breaks the same way.its usually my 5th or 6th string,

right here its my 5th that broke

idk why this happens i think its cuz my strings are to high up? (the action)
or when i palm mute i put to much pressure?

idk how do i get this to stop?

oh and this is on my epiphone 1958 goth explorer, but back when i used my fender squire the same thing would happen
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have you always used he same type of strings? maybe try a thicker gauge?
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you might be tuning it to high/wrong if you tune in standard without a tuner. just use a tuner.
if it keeps happening you can try to use a lighter/thinner string.
Something on the bridge is causing the string to weaken at that point..so all the tension would cause it to snap..not sure what to say but check the bridge to make sure it duzn't affect da string
I had a similar problem with my strat, but with strings breaking on the tuning posts.
Chances are, there's an oddity on the bridge - a minuscule jagged part, or some sharp point - which subsequently hacks into the strings. This would most likely explain why the same strings are breaking, albeit so soon and in the same place.

I'd recommend fetching yourself the finest grain of sand paper you can, and gently (only touching!) sanding the problem area - you won't disturb your finish, and only a brief moment is required to solve the problem; I spent no more than 5 or so seconds gently dabbing my problem tuning post. Ideally in your situation, you'd be placing the sandpaper within the slot of the bridge, and gently moving it back and forth - only 3 or 4 times, mind. This should eliminate any sharp and scary oddities.

I hope this helps,

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