Well over the last year that I started playing guitar I have in my opinion come a long ways.

I now play for church, have gigged two or three times, and play at some events once in a while for free.

I love metal to be honest which I play sometimes and I am not that great at, but I can play stuff like Master of Puppets and that stuff. But at heart I really love acoustic, which is my problem. I was at the music store the other day went to the acoustic room picked up a nice Breedlove and didn't know what to play, I mean you got your every kids common basic chord progression but what sets you apart? In the past few days I decided it wouldn't hurt to learn some music, so I set sail to learn Waiting on the world to change - John Mayer, which is extremely fun on acoustic. But then theres another problem, I can't sing while playing or really sing at all yet.

So I really don't know what I should be doing... if anyone gets any sense out of what I just said could you offer some advice, guidance?
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buy a cheap acoustic, and go adventuring across the country, hitching rides on trains, playing on the streets for money/food and in bars doing jack johnson covers mixed with your originals.
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A lot of the Beatles SOngs are really good for learning to sing and play guitar at the same time (they also sound great acoustic) especially Black Bird.
Hallelujah is pretty good too

There is a lot of stuff like that on that label.

A lot of restaurants might pay you just to play soft instrumental stuff, which you could just write yourself. Finger picking is a must, so you pretty much have to learn Dust in the Wind.
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