Didn't know if this had done before. But this thread is for sharing your favorite unsigned bands that you have come across that deserve a little attention.

Heres a few of my faves.



"Voodoo Economics"

Not sure if they're signed, but they kick ****ing ass. Industrial-esque

"Loose Ground"

Grungy stuff, but, with a bit of a Doors influence

Can't think of much right now.
peter griffin. have you ever heard rock lobster? best song ever!!!
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I pretty much eat out of mtv's hand, so I'm not even sure what the word "Best" means.
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peter griffin. have you ever heard rock lobster? best song ever!!!

B-52's, have you ever heard Rock Lobster?

Unless your joking, then: *blank stare*.

voice of the fallen..

i love their band


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Blackout Band!!! they have this awesome song called Video Games!!!

but seriously,