stop acting like your lifes a country song,
you don't even own a pair of boots.
"well what did i do wrong?'
nothing, you just needed to grow up.
yea thats a fair answer.
maybe i should've said yes to all those girls i turned down
or not passed up those parties.

its one more night on the rocks
pouring drinks with more passion
than you could ever fake.
take me down,
im going down with a bruise
and i didnt even take a swing.
I guess thats my fault.

you want me to tell you something?
everyone else was just a way to buy some time
but your never coming around,
so this one's gotta be more.
It's gotta be.

I'd love to teach you all a lesson,
but i haven't learned one yet myself.

Hated repetition of down in the second stanza.

This piece felt like it was going through the motions, but didn't have a whole lot of heart behind it. The first stanza was strong... but I just didn't sense the hurt and anguish and "lostness" that I usually find so poignant and bitter and relatable in your poetry, which makes this a miss for me. Sorry mate.

Sailors in sig, if you'd be so kind.