I have synesthesia. For the longest time, I experienced it only as music to color. However, recently I've noticed that I'm beginning to relate music to color less and less and as this happens I'm starting to relate words and phrases to colors. I personally think this is unfavorable, but my question to my fellow synesthetes is this: Has your synesthesia ever changed like this before, and if so, did it eventually return to the way it was before?

EDIT: Also, if you could include what it changed to and what it changed from, that'd be cool. Stimulate some discussion and whatnot.
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I came into this thread expecting vst soft synths

i am disappoint

(and if you have a term for your condition it was probably just hypochondria)
i did acid.. and this brown couch of mine was humming..

nothing other than that. sorry
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synesthesia always brings ozzy's "swallowing the colors of the sounds i hear" line to mind.

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I too have synesthesia, but mine hasn't changed much at all. This may be because I have several types, and there isn't much for it to change to.
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