I noticed a black cable that goes through the lower part of the body.
I want to paint my guitar, but I don't wanna remove it now.
The question is if I should pull out this cable, or what?
pics, or more info?

I don't know what you mean by 'lower part of the body', but could it be the wire to the selector switch? (if you've got the switch on the upper horn area), or the ground wire to the bridge?

pulling things out without knowing what they're for is pretty much a big no-no, in general..

edit: noticed this isnt your first thread asking for help while you get ready to repaint...

in the future, try to just make one thread, and ask all your questions in there
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im 90% sure that thats the ground wire.

its going to have to come out, since you take all the hardware off to refinish
The pickups?

Maybe your LP has the swithces wire going in between bridge, and the 2 pups?
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prob just a bridge ground...
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Looks like the ground to me.
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is it soldered to the bridge?

I think he's asking cause he doesn't know where the other end of it is.
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