If I use a processor, like a Line 6 Pod X# Live, or a VOX Tonelab LE to color about 90% to 100% of my tone, what would you suggest I do amp-wise? Some places that I gig have PA systems, and that won't be a problem, since I can plug the PA system directly into the proccesor, but not all places do, and I will have to play through an amp. Also, when there is a PA, on a larger stage, the amp could be a monitor. So what kind of Amplifier should I be looking for with this kind of processor?
That looks like a good idea! And not too expensive! I had another thought, and please tell me if I am wrong, but would I be able to plug in the processor into a cab?
If an amp has an fx return jack you can plug in ur multi in there to bypass the amps pre amp and just go directly to power amp
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Would I be able to plug in the processor into a cab?

Not without something powering it, no.

A cab is just speakers, you need a power amp.
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