So, I just got back from a Judas Priest concert (amazing show, btw). And for some reason, a Hamer guitar played by Glenn Tipton (at least I think it was) caught my eye. It was a superstrat style guitar, with a Floyd (or Kahler? Couldn't tell). It was sort of a metallic black, and it had a pickguard. I think it had HH pickup config, but it might have been HSH, his hand was blocking my view of the pickups for the most part. Oh, and it wasn't quite a regular strat shape, the horns were shaped a bit differently. Anyways, I really liked that guitar, so I was wondering what model it was.
Yeah, it probably was a custom. Funnily enough, it reminded me of one of my guitars:

The horn shape is the main similarity, and of course it has a Kahler like his (probably) does, even though his is probably worth thousands and I bought this for $180.

This is the guitar I'm talking about... I'm obsessed with it all of the sudden.

Edit: I'm thinking it's basically some variation on a Hamer Phantom.
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yerr its a Hamer Phantom but with Glenn's specs
the neck is the same radius as a SG, EMG pickups, mirror pickguard, Kahler Trem, and Maple neck
very nice guitar
congrats on seeing a priest show!! now im not familiar with most of their material as they have a LOT of it, but im just wondering how much nostradamas and angel of retribution material they are doing? i love AOR but i havent even made it through disc 1 of nostradamas.

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