So today I went out and bought materials to mod my Dunlop Crybaby wah. I got a few resistors but couldn't find a DPDT switch to make it true bypass. ANYWAYS, I just went outside and I:
-replaced the stock 1.5K resistor between the base of Q2 and the inductor to a 2.2K resistor
-replaced the 33K resistor in parallel with the inductor with a 47K resistor
(as according to http://www.diyguitarist.com/DIYStompboxes/WahMod.htm )

It looks like it all went down fine, it's soldered in there nicely.. but for some reason when I turn on the wah it mutes my signal (my guitar plays fine when the pedal's bypassed though.)

So I'm guessing that I did something wrong! Hah, a few things I may have messed up:

-I didn't know how exactly to desolder the stock resistors at first and kept my soldering iron (only a 15-20 watter) on the solder joints for quite a long time, anybody think I may have fried the components?
-I accidentally shorted the main caps with my fingers (atleast I think) and the pair of pliers, could this have done anything?
-Could the resistors be uncompatible or something? The stocks resistors are mainly yellow and the new ones I bought are blue, I could provide more info on the new resistors if anybody wants it.
-Could the new resistors not be connected properly causing a break in the signal?

I'll put up pictures if anybody requests them.

Thanks alot.
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Here's a very important rule.
Always put up pics!
You know the answer is going to be yes everytime, So just post them!

That's all I'll say about your pedal.
Except for maybe, Sweet ****up man.
..I was watching my death.