I have a band their name is the snooks of winklesnitcher,we're not a serious band, alot of people seem to think we are, that just shows how retarded some people.And please Don't complain about the quality, I mean we recorder these on the spot with an mp3/tape recorder. Give us a chance you might like us. Leave constructive feed back. If your just one of those assholes who just say we're bad **** off man. Here's the link,http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/httpwww_myspace_comthesnooksofwinklesnitcher/
Oh and if you report me, i don't care. This is the way i get people to listen to underground music.
I am in this years youth in blues.

i am in 1 band playing Bass, they are called spoonful, and my band where I am vocals and guitar we are called Rags n old Iron
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Im in 3. Two are in the works to get off the ground but we jam and have practices but my main band which i play bass guitar in is Electric Religion.


Check us out we have a new demo and a couple songs up!

EDIT: It says we have a female vocalist but shes not in the recordings, shes really new.

EDIT AGAIN: Excuse my terrible vocals on the first verse in I Can't Stand It. I went to a Nightwish concert the night before and screamed my ass off so I didnt put 100% on my vocals nor did I really care I was fried! Oh and: Haha I love your music! So funny! I love a great comedy band. Anal Night and as much as I love Nickelback **** Nickelback was really really ****in funny!
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