Basicly, I've been looking for a tab for this song for a while, but nothing has come up for it and I didn't think about posting it before.

Here's a link to it -


I love this song so much and it sounds really awsome If anyone can give me any help it's much appreciated, thanks.
Hey, I Know How you feel. I Love the song myself and have literally just started tabbing it. Im Sitting With My Acoustic Right Now And Have The Main Chordal Part Figured Out. It Might Take A While For Me To Do It As Im Sitting My Exams Right Now(Still in school) But If You Give Me Some Motivation Im Sure Ill Speed It Up Oh btw Ill be Writing It On Guitar Pro
Right Now Off The Top Of My Head I Think The Main Key Is A Minor If Your Wanting To Start On It Your Self. It Starts Off With Am7 The Rest Is Closely Related. Try It Out
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Couple of guys in the comment sections said their working on tabs, just send them an email for it

I think im the guy your referring too lol im ktak07 lol

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Do you know what scale is used in that theme ?

And no not quite yet. The melodic part isnt very structured to a scale as the chords contain alot of diminished etcs. work your way around the shape of Dmaj or Dmin. I Havnt been thinking about it but im sure it contains mainly Natural notes except F and C(sharps). Ill Be Coming On Here Regularly Ill Keep You Updated On How It Goes.
Check out my "Dexter Blood Theme" tab if you dont mind . The Very Begining( On Strings) starts with clashes on D and Db(C#) But When The Guitar Comes In Later The First Chord Is Am7 Then It Raise the 2nd octave E up a fret nd it becomes sumthing like a Am7 add #5
Ill Try Nd Tab Them....


---0-------0---- D= Downward strum
---0-------0---- U= Upward Strum

I Doubt It But I Hope This Helps haha Try nd work out the next few chords yourself. It starts on a Low A
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Awesome theme. I want to play this also. Hope you find a good tab for it.

Haha Mine Will Be Awsome I Put Amazing Detail Into Tabs( Guitar Pro) I have 2 exams Left. After I sit them writing this tab will be my next priority
I Thought I Would Just Update The Anxious Ones Who Got In Touch My Tab Is Going Great So Far, I Now Have All Of The Bass Part Completed( I Know.. Nothing Special eh?) But Thats For The People Who Want To Learn The Bass, Plus Id Hate To Write A Guitarpro Tab Which Was Bare... I Also Have The String Parts Almost Completly Finished And Have The Main "Lead" Guitar Part All Sorted Out, Just Not Tabed.
Heyy People Iv Uploaded My "Trashed" Version Of The Rouge Theme. I Intentionly Trashed It So It Wasnt Good Enough For People To Steal/Hear Yet. I Want To Wait Till Im Completly Done. I Will Only Continue If I Get Positive Feedback
here's the tab ) the genious who made it spelled it wrong, so it's more difficult to find... however the tab is amazing!