Hey guys, I've just started getting the method for sweep picking down, but I have a problem !
Often, when I hop strings, the previous string will pulloff to 0, which of course ruins the sound xD , for example;


In this sort of pattern, when I lift my finger from the 16's and 17's, the string pulls off to 0 - Is this just because I'm lifting it to the side, and creating a pulloff, or am I supposed to mute it somehow ?

Sorry for a rather silly question, I'm self taught; and wasn't taught anything methodically.

I don't sweep pick but I would guess that the best thing to do would not be to pull all the way off. Just pull off slightly so that you are still muting it, and then practice.
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that's leper messiah isn't it? it is a very hard solo if you have problems.
try building up the speed slowly. it helps.
I recently got the hang of sweep picking and I had the same problem for ages.
I'm not sure about what slashrock94 said, coz you still have to pull them off in order to do the 15h19p15. But I ended up somehow muting them with my right hand tilted on a strange angle.
This is probably the wrong way to go about it, but I'm self taught too and I know how frustrating it can be to not have a teacher to ask =/
I think muting the string as soon as you have played it is the easiest way to get a clean sound. But it shouldn't really be "pulling off" anyway...perhaps your fingering with the left hand needs fixing. When you pull your finger off the string it should come straight off without the twanging of the string which would cause the open note to sound. Practice it ludicrously slowly; just practicing taking your finger off the sring directly without actually pulling at the string when you do so.

Mmm to be more clear, it sounds like you're finger is actually pulling at the string slightly as you take your finger off the string, which would of course cause the open note to ring. What should happen is that your finger should just come off without actually pulling at the string. If you don't know what I mean just message me or whatever I'm having a bit of trouble explaining lol. Hope it helps nonetheless.
Not this song in particular, this one is Eye of the storm, by BFMV - but yeah, it's the same lick that's in Leper messiah xD
And yes, I do get what you mean there - and that was as I expected ^^
I'll have a go at fixing that up then, thanks very much.
i abuse muting strings with my right hand. as soon as you were done playing the 16 i would touch that string with my right palm. i personally don't think there is such a thing as cheating in guitar. if it works it works, whatever.
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i abuse muting strings with my right hand. as soon as you were done playing the 16 i would touch that string with my right palm. i personally don't think there is such a thing as cheating in guitar. if it works it works, whatever.

This is similar to what I do, I dont think its cheating, with the guitar you should aim to be muting the notes you're not playing anyway- esp. if you're using distortion or a high amount of gain!

Secondly, you shouldnt be pulling off to 0, and I think you might be doing this because you're being too aggressive with your fretting hand- you only need a light touch, especially when you're sweeping. You only need just enough force to sound the note, and then when you release this force the energy of the string wont translate into a pull off. I think this is whats happening, because you're holding the string down with so much energy, when you release it all that energy has to escape into an open string note. You should relax a bit more when you play, dont be so tense.

Hope that makes sense, I might do a video about sweep picking, maybe next week. maybe.
sounds like your having trouble with palm muting. I dont know what to tell you other then to start using palm muting. sweep picking was never meant to be an easy technique. keep it up though!