Hey guys, I posted an unfinished version of this quite a while ago and I think I may have finished it now. I'd post it in the old thread I made but I made that one quite a long time ago and the song has had quite a few changes done to it. Plus I can't actually find the thread.

I hesitated finishing the song due to lack of inspiration, but I think I'd be quite content to call this one finished now, unless I think of something to add to it in the future. My main concern with it is the transition at around bar 70, as it seems a bit abrupt, so some advice on that would be very much appreciated. So, as always, C4C and hope you enjoy.
Before The Curtains Undraw.zip
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Jazz Metal FTW! Amazing intro! Really nice! The distortion guitar effects were beautiful. The Palm Mutes were awesome. The turn into Distortion was really nice. The Break was awesome. When the Guitar came in it was really great. The clean part was really beautiful. The distortion here was a little unnecessary and long, but still nice. The Glockenspiel outro was awesome. On the whole, amazing stuff! Reminds me of Cynic.
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Edit: The transition in bar 70 is great, leave it.
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Intro was very nice! I liked the distorted guitar at 9. 27 was pretty cool. I love the distorted guitar at 31. I really liked 61. 70 was pretty cool, but not great. 86 to the end, great,

Overall, very good.'


1-6: I love this part it's just so laid back and awesome.
7-10 (and simliar parts): This part is so awesome, the chords are sooo melodicish and they don't clash at all.
Up to 24: Awesome I can't really say much but developing the old riff, and making the drums amazing is amazing.
27: I love it, and the bird tweeting CHEATER lol.
31: The riff stays fresh at this point
45: I really like that guitar part you added in Nothing like dual-leads
53: Ever since I made my Electronic Post Melodic Metalcore I've appreciated bass music so much and I've always added leads to my bass guitar since. I used to be a root-noter, but not anymore, and I'm glad that you have adopted giving bass a time to shine.
61: Epic, I love this part, and when it changes up higher range it's awesmoe still.
70: Pretty awesome still, I love Synth Voice, Electronica Influence? I kid
86: Has to be the tightest outro I have ever heard from a song like this ever. But why eliminate the bass beast :'( 98, I absolutely love it, and you. You're a wonderful person

9.9/10 Add the bass back into the outro, or I will come and find you.
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