Ok, the loose Floyd Rose, a problem i'm sure everyone encounters from time to time. I THINK i've found the solution, on removing the backplate of the guitar, i found an allen key cavity directly under where the arm screws in. Now i've reason to believe that tightening this will stop the arm waggling around furiously while i'm playing and trying to use it, but the screw seems to be tighter than a.... well, you get the idea. Whichever direction i turn it, with all my might, i will not budge.
What i want to know is, am i just too weedy, and i need a muscly man to do it, or is it just not supposed to turn. I'm too scared to really force it, as this generally has an adverse effect on most things.
So what's your question??
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So what's your question??

-.- only a blind man would be unable to see the question!!

anyway mate, if its already super tight and wont budge, then maybe its already been tightened as far as it will go. so maybe the issue is that your tremolo arm has worn down? meaning that you may just need to buy a new arm. if the arm has definately not worn down at all then go for trying to tighten that bolt. it could be that its just a bit stiff

just try not to be TOO rough with it
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The allen bolt underneath is to hold the shaft in place that the bar slides into. It's two pieces, a part slides though the top, then a piece slides over that from the bottom and the bolt holds them together.

You can loosen the bolt slightly to make the bar swing and be sloppy if you like that feel. But if you want the bar to be tight and stationary then that bolt needs to be tight (which it already is) and then you need to make sure the collar on the arm (if you have an LFR) is screwed down tight or (if you have an OFR) that the bar is screwed in all the way. If you have an OFR and you screw the bar in all the way and it's not where you want it, then you can loosen the allen bolt a bit and rotate the whole assembly to the position you want and then tighten it back down.
Okay, thanks for the advice guys, i'll stick at it and be patient with it. I wouldn't think it would be a worn or striped arm, as the problem developed very early on.
Which type of arm do you have? A screw in one or one with a collar that screws down over a bushing?