Hey all,
I thought this might be a useful resource for anyone interested in the Big Muff.
I am in the middle of a project where I am trying to make every version and variation of all the Big Muffs from the original 1968 Guild Foxey Lady up to the 90's with the Sovtek Muffs.
I will also be adding information on each pedal as I continue on and would appreciate any info you may have that I am missing.
I have sound clips, and will be adding more as I make the pedals, here:
This is actually really cool, I'll be watching this. I still dont know which muff I want to get yet, but this helps
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I will upload clipz l8er i have a 2009 USA BIG Muff PI
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Quote by ChiliFan01
I will upload clipz l8er i have a 2009 USA BIG Muff PI

That would be good. I was going to make some reissues but decided that just up to the Sovtek stuff was enough. I would be making these for the rest of the year.
I still have to do the other three Ram's Head muffs and a couple of others.
Almost done.