I have £130 to spend on a guitar. I play rock, jazz, blues etc. So I need good cleans, but also able to get a nice clean distortion sound. Any help is brilliant! Oh, and I have a nice amp.
You won't get much for £130... Have a look at squier custom or vintage modified series. I have a VM tele II and it'll do the genres you want.

Try second hand?
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not with 130 quid you won`t, i spend more than that on a pedal. try saving another £130 minimum to get anything even slightly hitting them specs.
agreed, that's roughly $300 CDN you have to play with there...and yeah you wouldn't get a hell of a lot with that that you would be happy with. Maybe you could find a decent squier or something used for about that price, but beyond that I'd go with the other guys recommendation and save up some more...I know that sucks, but it'll be worth it for something you really want
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You could get a Washburn WI14 which has nothing but stellar reviews. I've played it myself, and I couldn't believe it was a sub-£100 guitar.
but I'd save up for at least a WI18.
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