i saw jane's addiction last week, and dave navarro is a pretty amazing guitarist and sounded awesome live. so that got me thinking about other bands with only 1 guitarist - chili peppers, kyuss, rage against the machine.. they all sound really good live but i know that they all record multiple guitar parts in the studio. how!?

this is a 2 part question really: i'm in a band where i'm the only guitar player and we're recording soon so can anyone suggest any techniques that could make the recording sound really interesting and full? i'm talking about panning, double tracking, post-processing. i don't know much about this stuff, how can i use them to my advantage and create a really good recording?

the second part of my question is how do i play the songs live without losing too much? i mean when i solo live all the midrange drops out and sounds kind of hollow. how do i still sound good while playing only one guitar part, without detracting too much from the original recording?
(we're not getting a second guitar player - that would only complicate things, and they wouldn't even be needed during some songs)

for recording just record multiple tracks on guitar, live you could play the rhythm stuff through a PA from a recording or hire another guitarist for live shows
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a good trick is to have your bass player have a distortion pedal hooked up to his rig. When your solo kicks in he stomps the pedal and the drop out of the guitar isn't as noticeable, leaving you free to solo away.
If you want a bigger and thick sound the double up your tracks at least 2 times, with each track panned to the left and right. I like to have at least 3 - 5 tracks, two with bogner amp sims, two with mesa boogies and one with a marshall sometimes. To thicken the sound while you solo live, maybe adding some distortion to the bass guitar would help, and maybe changing the bass line through your solo so it is the same as what you play for rhythm guitar would help as well.