Hi guys,

Pretty new guitarist here! I have been dabbling around a bit playing loose riffs like the riff in layla, intro to sweet home alabama, some easy songs like wonderwall. I ve been working on pentatonic scales and bar chords, and have tried improvising a tiny bit over a 12 bar blues, ....
I just finished up learning Stairway To Heaven start to finish barring the solo. So after getting through this rite of passage I am kind of lost as to where to go now. Songs, scales, exercises? Combinations?

Would anyone be so kind to give me some pointers?
Thing thing about the way you're playing is that you are following a "schedule", meaning you do this, then this, then this. It's great to get the basics down, and you seem to be doing well, however what's the reason you started guitar in the first place? Probably because you wanted to. So keep doing that. Favorite bands? Learn some songs. You don't need to keep learning technique after technique. Play, have fun, and learn along the way.
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Definately learn major and minor scales. Then depending on the music you play most, minor pentatonic and/or blues etc. Also don't play stuff 'cos everyone plays it when they learn, play stuff you want play.

And always, practice practice practice
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Wow, cheers for the quick replies.
The problem I have with picking songs is that I am not fast enough to play solo's yet. Most songs in the genres I like (rock, blues, metallica) are heavily dependent on solo's.

Any good ways to build up speed/accuracy?
practice scales. practice changing positions.
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