Hey guys.
Lately I've been redeifinig my way of playing by slowing down the tempo and gathering a lot of excercises but I've got one question.
Should I release the pressure and strain from the finger right after playing a note?
If I have this pattern: 1-4-2-4, 1-4-3-4 should I after every single note lift up first finger and release pressure even if I am about to use 1st finger on the same fret 2 seconds after releasing it?
Thanks for advice.
BTW: this set of excercises takes about 2.5hours to finish. Isn't that a bit to much for a theoretical warm up?
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What exercise is it?
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--4--5--7--5----4---6---7---6-------4---7----6----7-----4---7---5---7- and so on begining on every fret.

And I'm asking about "4" when I talk about leaving pressure of finger on this fret.
BTW:I've been warming up since 11:00 atm and I still dont feel warmed up . On the other hand my wirst feels exhausted.
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If you arn't warmed up yet you need to find something else to do that wil warm you up.

Try playing your patterns vertically instead of just horizontally.

You don't have to relesae the pressure, but I would. To hold it there would just be wasted energy.
So you suggest me to keep it placed on the string but with no pressure put on the fret?
My warm up schedule is simply this guy's patterns ( http://www.youtube.com/user/toddsquadxyz ) and extended over the whole fretboard.
But the excercise I mentioned above takes really ages to finish and Im doing it only on G, B and high E strings moving afterwards to another excercises.
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Do this and then move the same pattern up a fret until you get to fret 12, then play the same thing in reverse back down the neck.

Then do same thing but with 1--2--4 fingering.

Alt pick everything. Shouldn't take 2.5 hours either.
Thanks a lot.
One more question.
If Im building up speed and accuracy in playing is it more important to make a looong warm up and excercisess or shall I focus on working out songs and riffs?
Should I warm up be more of a 1 3 4 x2 on every string and up the neck or: 1 3 4 (x8)+ 1 3 4 3 (x8) + 1 4 3 4 (x8) + 4 3 1 3 (x8).
Im using the second way and it really makes me warm up for ages.
It's almost 5 PM in my country, I've been warming up for 7 hours now and Im not half way through even....
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Yea, I only warm up for 30-60 min tops, everything after that I consider practice.

Your warm up should be something you pretty much already do. Such as chords.

I start my warm up with chords, then I alt pick through the patterns I just showed you. After an hour I am plenty warmed up.

It is good to throw in something fun such as a song so you don't get to bored with patterns and scales.
What chords? I think you don't mean power chords by that xD.
So I'm gonna have to replace the excercise I used to play with yours- that should save lots of time.
But should I play 1-3-4 once on every string or 8 times?
I've noticed that after playing this my 1-3-4, 1-4-3-4 patterns my left hand would refuse to keep same pattern so I used to give it a 15 mins break on playing something else xD.
I just found good exercise by Kiko Loureiro for alternate picking:
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1_gdKFB_K4&feature=related )

Do you know any page with good excercises for multiple techniques and skills in guitar? (I think that Im not ready to even start practicing sweeping but economy picking with legato sounds pretty much easier to my ear and it could be a preparation for sweep picking in future)
I especially need some string skipping as atm I cant even pick G.Lynch's Mr.Scary main riff x_X
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Check out Freepowers videos....he has a lot of good videos with great information.

Should be a sticky near the top of the techniqu page.
You want to leave the first finger on. Helps with muting and economy of motion -there's no point taking it off if you're going to be using it again rather quickly.
I noticed that even if the finger remains on fret after being used it still is strained eventhough I don't play with it at the moment.
Should it be like that?
Lifting finger up makes me loose some sort of balance: I cant play the same phrase round&round as Im loosing a lot of "grip" on the sequence.
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Stretch, man. Always stretch before, during, and after your practice routine. Stretch your fingers, your wrists, your arms and shoulders, your back, everything. Lack of stretching is one of the main causes of practice-related injuries, and they can be serious, especially long term. And I'm not talking about a quick 20 second stretch before playing. If you're going to be practicing for half an hour or more, you should set aside a good 15 minutes for stretching before hand and after. And also stop every 30 minutes or so for some more stetching in between.
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What kind of streching do you mean?
THe only thing I could find was Petrucci's Rock Discipline streches and they certainly didnt take 30 mins...
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