ive written a song in drop c and the basic riff contains alot of open bottom c notes, so i assume thats the root note to base the solo around, which scale is it? C minor?
i dont know that much theory so any help is appreciated
It depends what other notes you've used and what the chord progression is...
Hmmm. Is it all just C, C# and D? No chord progression? If so....you can probably get away with C minor pentatonic, but watch what you're playing over the C# - listen and make sure the note you pick sounds how you want it to.
its not that theoretically correct, the chord progression is 8 open c notes into 1 C sharp 5 then 1 D5, then after that 3 times its C, A sharp, A on the third string F, D sharp, D. this repeats while the solo is over the top. im really not sure what scale to use