intro was good, nice melody. verse was too generic, especially the second part. I just dont like this open E string thing. the rythm change in the Chorus is pretty cool, but it could turn out wrong. you need a drum fill a fitting vocal melody to make the listener understand the 9/8 part. The rest of the song is good, simple but heavy. You should definitely change the drum track, the drummer only plays open hihat throughout the song and it gets very annoying.change to ride during the chorus or so, it will fresh things up.

overall 7.5/10. good metal song but nothing special. with decent solos and a nice flowing chorus it could get 8.5/10, work on it
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Intro was pretty nice. Verse was also pretty good, but yes, a little generic. Chorus was really good, not at all generic, which is the problem with most choruses. Second Chorus was genric though, but not too much. Bridge was really nice, I liked the time changes. On the whole nice, not too great though. 8/10

- Chorus riff is decent
- Not as generic as most "thrashy" stuff on here


- While its not bad per say, its not really that great doesn't really stand out as an awesome song
- Verse riff and Intro riff/theme aren't particularly catchy or memorable
- Backing track for solo is rather bland; a good backing track is the key to a good sounding solo. I would do something more like the chorus, something that has more resolution and I don't know, more power to it.
Also I would advise using two different backing tracks for the different guitarist solos. Helps add variety and makes each solo more unique and memorable
- The 9/8 parts don't sound quite right


- Not bad, I'd honestly save the chorus at most (maybe) and probably scrap the rest
- very average song; not bad, but not great


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Hey, sorry for the late reply, been a bit busy lately.

Intro: Not bad, a bit boring, but I would imagine it would appeal to people who are into this genre of music. Only thing I can think of to change would be the drums, they sound a bit too simplistic, (except the fills they were good) but that could be due to Guitar Pro sounding a bit robotic. The drums did build up nicely, though.

Verse: I'd probably have to agree with everyone who said it was generic, not bad, but I think it would need an extra melody over the top to keep it interesting, maybe some vocals?

Chorus: Pretty cool how you've switched up the time signatures here, everything in this section is pretty much fine, at this point I'm assuming you're going to put some vocals over the top, though.

Bridge: Pretty funky rif***e, not too much to say here.

Bridge Pt. 2: Not too bad, but again, it's quite generic.

Outro: Nice recap, it fits well and ties up the song nicely.

Overall, I'd say about 7/10.
Overall I really enjoyed this song. The intro fits and flows well into the first verse, which I can't say is all that original. A few rhythm changes and a couple added notes could change that for sure. The Bridge Pt. 2 was awesome. The drums could use a little work, maybe a bit more complexity. I also like the riff in bar 60 that you used several times throughout the song. Simple but good. I can imagine vocals doing great over this. The time signature changes sounded a little forced, but in the end they fit well.

did i download the wrong one? i see no solos XD
it just says 'josh solo' :/
if you've got measures of 7/8 and 9/8 interchanging you really ought to just change the whole thing to 4/4
or at least find a drummer who knows how to count
also i would make the bass follow the drums/rhythm guitar rather than the lead/melody guitar
for instance, verse 29, make it a whole note, same in 75
i assume solos are still in progress
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Crit as I listen: I like the intro quite a bit. It was pretty catchy in my opinion. Like someone else said, the verse is really generic. The chorus was cool. I like the melody playing over the chords a lot. Good job there. The bridge was stupid in the sense that 9/8 and 7/8 combined would be 16/8, which is just 4/4. Whatever though, it sounded fine. Not the best part of it though. The solo part confused me for a bit because there was nothing there. I assume it;s going to be improv live. All in all, good work for a beginner. 8/10

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