Hello all,

I'm new here.
I have a quick question. I recently got an Epiphone Dot which is great, but sometimes when i plug it in, it doesn't seem to send a signal to the amp. Whenever i pull it out and put it back in a few times it does work.

The guitar first belonged to my father, but he didn't play on it so it's practically new. It's a few years old now though.

Check the wiring on the output jack. Also, try using different cables.

And what amp are you using?
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

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new cable that ones probably old, if not that check if the output jacks on guitar or amplifier are lose.
hopefully i have been of help for once

edit: dam second again
Thanks you for your quick reply.

It's not a problem with the amp or the cable. I used it at my dad's place with different gear and it did the same thing. It could be the wiring, but i would have to check on that another time.
I had the same problem. The cause was in the output jack. The soldering had come loose. I re-soldered it, and it's never been a problem since.
take it to a guitar shop and have them resolder the wires, unless your capable of doing your self
Could also be the pickup selector. That happened to me with an Epiphone.