basically yesterday i started this thread about pots and inductore and stuff, and how i wanted to get my wah to sound more like the zakk wylde wah.

1 person replied, told me to go onto the official wah modding thread (or something like that), and then the thread closed. WTF. basically, i dont want to go on some 2849475 page long thread, searching for something that might help, i would just like to know what components are in the zw45, so i can cheaply replace mine with them, and not hav to spend about 100 quid on a whole new pedal. if there is anyone with a zw45, or who already has a DETAILED picture of the zakk pcb, or schematics (or both ), can you please show them or link them to me, so i no wat needs replacing.

any help is much appreciated


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There's a Wah modding thread...
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I'll help you out.
You need a red fasel inductor.
C5 is a .022uf instead of a .01uf.

There are some resistors that are different and they are all metal film except one. I will crack mine open in a little while and get you the rest of the info. I have to finish etching some boards.
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Here you go. There aren't any resistors that are different other than most of them are metal film. The only difference is the inductor and the sweep cap (C5).