Yo pit!

Well being summer and all, im off down to the south of france from the north west of england.

But i'm going to be on a coach for 28 hours with 40 other teenagers in a confined space and very little ventilation,

SO please help me wih any ideas for entertainment

Or share your own stories of journeys innit

List so far,

Rhino Tranquilizers
i-Pod, a Window and a Friend.

That's all I needed to get me through Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.
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LOTS of batteries. Take some form of music with you, too.

If you have 28 hours of music available then waheey. If not then loops
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bring movies, smokes, booze... etc.

You know, normal road trip kind of material.
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I took plastercine on my trip to Bristol and made sculptures of other people in the coach..

That's delightfully quirky. Or incredibly creepy, I can't decide which
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i-Pod, a Window and a Friend.

That's all I needed to get me through Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

This, minus the friend.

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...to reap the harvest that was mine

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40 other teens? I'm sure you can get someone to go down on you.
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ipod, stand up comedian show on audio, job done
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I had to take a coach from Scotland all the way to Holland with 40 other teenagers. It. Was. Hell.

Either way, I recommend earphones and a book. And a gun.
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my bet is many of those people will piss you off during the journey.

game boy with pokemon is good.. start from the beginning and see how far you can get through.. I did that going from the north east down to the north of france and It was lol-filled.. also try and find a good friend to sit next to.. and perhaps change seats at every rest stop so you don't get sick of that one person..
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