Hey guys.
This is my first post. I'm still getting the hang of using this thing, so I suppose any suggestions or comments on how to use these forums would come in handy.

Anyway, this is a song I wrote in about four or so hours. It's very similar to Meshuggah's style of music.

Please, feel free to give any constructive criticism on the tabs.

C4C, as per usual.
If you were going for Meshuggah, you nailed it. But I feel like you sounded too much like Meshuggah, if you know what I mean.

As a rule, I hate the overly dropped tunings and whatnot, but in the case of Meshuggah-type songs, I can forgive it occasionally.

My main criticism is that I felt that bards 96 and 97 of the lead guitar didn't fit at all. But maybe that would be rectified in an actual recording.

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It's very clear that it's inspired by Meshuggah indeed. I like it, especially the main riff and the lead parts are awesome. I'm wondering how it would sound if it was recorded with real instruments.

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I really like it. The Meshuggah influence is there for sure.
I really like the leads, with the jazz guitar.
The solo was great too.
The guitars might be a bit repetive, but that's no huge problem if you're planning on having some vocals there.

I don't have much time, but I might give you a more detailed reply later. (Don't count on it)
And I don't have anything I want to be critted on up right now, but I'll tell you when I do.

(Oh, and I see what you did with the name)
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For what my opinion is worth, I enjoyed it. I was not expecting the clean section at all, but I think it is great and fits in seamlessly. Good work!

Drop F sure is a... sludgy tuning!
Indeed, drop F sure is a crap tuning. But when you get that low, the strings become kinda like putty. You can get some really interesting sounds out of pinches and bends, not that I used any of that in this song.
The F octave tuning was what I was trying out, really.

Vocals would help it immensely, I think, as the entire song is based more on really conventional songwriting principles. And, once I've bought copies of EzDrummer, Amplitube and the like, I would probably record all of this myself to see how it sounds.

@valdean, I'm glad someone picked it up. Haha.
Lol at Drop F. Intro was nice, very nice rhythm there. I really liked the Jazz Guitar break. The Drums were pretty good, but I couldn't hear the guitar at all. The there was a part which sounded like a chainsaw. I'm really loving those clean guitar breaks! The Bass Harmony is really nice. Again, chainsaw. Is that why you called it "In the Works"? The Solo was really, really nice. I liked the Bass in the outro. On the whole pretty nice.
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drop F? Id like to see you actually play this and have it sound good. onto my crit, i don't really like meshuggah or this kind of music so ill give you a different veiw. the intro is boring and uninspiring. anyone can add together numbers and write a mathy riff with 2 open strings. at least play some different notes or something. I did like the jazz guitar lead that comes in after that. cool and haunting. other than that i found it boring.

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