Hello. A friend of mine wants me to put a P-90 in the neck position of his tele. Anyone have advice on how to cleanly cut out a bigger hole in the pickguard. I want it to look perfect, but if I use a router, the corners will be too round. Or shoud I just install dog ear P-90's? Help please.
Can you not buy a new pickguard? They did make Tele's with P-90 pickups at one point.
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My advice, get sandpaper with an adhesive side and attach it to a small block of wood, with a decent grade of roughness, tape off the dimensions of the P-90, and then sand down the PG for the rest of your life. It takes much longer, but will look better in the long run. You could use a dremmel to start it off, but sandpaper's definitely what you need to make it look clean. Another question you should ask yourself is what aftermarket brand of P-90 you should be buying to achieve the sound you're looking for, and then the BIG question is whether or not the body of your tele will fit a P-90. Chances are that it isn't, even though some teles are routes for humbuckers, the P-90s have wider dimensions, so you will have to do some damage to the body of the tele. A dog ear P-90 will not work because you won't be able to get it low enough that it won't come in contact with the strings, or if by some miracle you can, the magnetic attraction between the magnets and strings will pull your wound strings out of tune.

I know this was a mouthful, but I went through a phase of wanting a new neck pickup and instead of a P-90, I went with a mini humbucker, and it ended up working perfectly because when I took the pick guard off, I found that my tele was routed for a humbucker, so the mini humbucker was the obvious choice. Good luck.
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If you're really into getting a P-90 sound on a tele body, you can either look into G&L's, or you can get a custom tele built through warmoth, or shop around on Ebay looking for bodies and necks and frankenstein one for yourself. It'll cost an arm, leg, and first born, but if you're seriously into tone-seeking, you know that achieving your tone is priceless.
"Easier to criticize than to create"
thanks for the advice guys. I found a guy on ebay who make tele PG's for p90 neck pickup. $38 but better to hve a nice clean fit. I will deffinately have to route the body a little to fit, but it should be worth it.
Absolutly. While u are waiting here is a tele I just finished. New scn pickups, locking tuning heads, chrome pickguard and a Bigsby B5 "F".
Yeah, thanks but i'm not really into $110 guitars, and as I said at the beginning, it's my friends guitar. Those guitars look like teles, but i'm not sure what the quality would be on one of these copies. I like fender, not cpoies. Plus where's the fun in buying when you can mod it yourself. Pickguard is on the way!!