Hey, I'm Chris, I was told by many that this was the best place to get some decent feedback for the first album I'm finishing off, "An Onlooker" ...the best bits I feel can be heard on my Myspace:


Give it a listen, voice your thoughts, I can return the favor if needed?

Thanks very much,
Welcome to heaven! Here is your harp.

Oh, I'm still learning the etiquette of this particular forum, I believe the phrase is C4C? Already had a look round some of the other original stuff, and I'm a-liking.
Welcome to heaven! Here is your harp.

Everything is backwards on your profile, aghhh, confuzzled.
anyway, I'm digging your stuff, its not the typical emo british stuff thats been comeing out of the uk recently, I applaud you for that, its actaully rock and roll.

The first song, "Radio Song" Very laid back rock song, but the guitar in my opionion could use some cleaning up on the distortion. Like its not a clean distortion, so it muds up a bit when the lead comes in.

The second song was like a mix between lone ranger type and carnival type sounds. But in this one the distortion cleaned up alot better. Its very good, fun to listen to.

The third song the cymbol sound, or whatever it was sounded kinda fake, prolly because of the drum machine. The way it sounded in the beginning made me think I was in the 1980's.
But it got better throughout then song. You composed some good stuff.

Overall I give you a 5 out of 5 for great composing. Keep it up.
yeah man this is some good stuff nice one, dont live too far away from you either.
when irish eyes are smiling, you've had to too much to drink cus eyes dont smile, mouths do
Hi Chris

Yes,this is interesting music..! LOTS of melodic playing,very good guitarplaying.
I have listened to all of your songs,and the "dreams of great height" is my favorite.
I do think the rhythmguitar is a little too saturated on some of the songs.The rhythmguitar pops out (often) better with less gain,and will sound bigger and fuller..causing the lead guitar to be heard better.Yes,it's strange.
Maybe you can do some panning as well to bring the melody more out front.And some accordion.
Anyway, you really got talent for this,thanks for sharing :-)

c4c if you've got the time..we're also instrumental.