I've got a Fender Performer 650 and a Fender '65 Princeton. I've been looking for a tube amp with a little more bite in it for a while, and came across a great deal on a Peavey Valveking 100W head and the Peavey 412 Cab to go along, completeing the half stack. I've only ever used Combo amps, so what could I expect, or what would I not want from the Head/Cab as apposed to the combo.
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Stacks = louder (usually), thicker/fuller tone.
you should go for that peavey.

you say that because its a stack/halfstack??
ever thought about the speakers?

Seriously, try amps out. head+cab or combos. Ive read loads about the valveking and i was planning to buy it but when i tried it i was like "wow.. this sux.." maybe because i tried a engl screamer 5 minutes before that1
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more speakers = more air pushed = bigger sound
though combos can be very convenient

good speakers are the most important thing IMO