im in a punk band (old school) i always play with distortion

i went shoping for a new amp for our tour i tried both fender twin amp and fender twin reverb

the twin amp has a distortion channel comes with more **** the pedal is better but the reverb isnt as good as the (twin reverb )

the twin reverb has a great reverb and a vibrato and is 200$dollars less

at home i play blues surf rockabilly

should i get the twin reverb and buy a distortion pedal

or get the twin amp

if you always use distortion dont bother with a fender. fenders are cleans galore. especially something like the twin or twin reverb which are pretty high in wattage and have to get cranked a good amount before breaking up. is there a specific reson you looked at these amps and not something else? there are much better choices out there for the sound you're looking for

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I own the twin amp but would probably suggest the reverb if your buying new. The distortion channel is so redundantI havn't even got the tubes sitting in the amp to make it function.

Playing on clean channel with a distortion pedal sounds like the way to go but as the guy said above you could consider other options if you're not particularly after "fender cleans".
he plays surf and rockabilly at home. i'd get the twin reverb and a good distortion pedal
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