Okay, so I've got quite a few pedals now and I'm looking to finally put together my dream board in an attempt to the get a sound reminiscent of my guitar idols which include but are not limited to, Tom Morello, Matt Bellamy, Mike Einziger, Jack White, The Edge, John Mayer, and John Frusciante. I play an Am Std Strat w/ Custom Shop 69 pickups into a Hot Rod Deluxe (1x12).

My pedals are (in random order):

EHX Big Muff Pi
Crybaby Original Wah
MXR 108 Silicon Fuzz (could be left out if needed)
Boss DD-7 delay
Boss Ch-1 chorus
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver (probably will be left off of the board)
MXR Phase 90
Maxon OD-9 Tube Screamer (could be left out if needed)
MXR Dyna Comp (used mainly for taming the beast that is the treble-end of wah)
DigiTech Whammy 4
Boss TU-2 Tuner

If anyone could give me any advice during my tedious workday (spent mostly pondering my effects chain and guitar playing) on what order I should arrange my pedals in, and what pedals should be left out as they are unneeded, would be appreciated. I have a Gator GPT-Pro Pedalboard (16" x 30").

Thank you in advance.
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