Hey guys, im the guitarist in the band Unleash the Beast. We're all from staten island, new york and were writing music influenced by Trivium, Metallica, and Bullet for my Valentine just to name a few.

We need to find a singer to record and play shows with who can sing clean (like Metallica and Trivium on "The Crusade") and scream (like All that Remains, although you dont need to be up to the level that Phil Labonte is at). If you can, contact anyone you know who would be interested and tell them to reach us through our pages online. If anyone is interested, itll be cool if youre 19 or under, live on or close enough to staten island to practice twice a week or so, and is a pretty cool guy to chill with.

The reason why im stressing auditioning singers is because without a singer we cant record! We have 3 full songs already and new ones are popping out like babies...by the end of the summer we'll have 4 or 5 songs ready and we have access to a studio (for free!) and we want to get everyone listening to our songs by early september. If you love metal keep following us, because we'll be playing shows all over staten island and in NYC (as soon as we find this singer...)

Our pages online:
Our Facebook
sorry for a double post but i didnt realize there's a classifieds section...so the singer info should go in there but ill keep this open for the near future.