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Here's my problem. I'm very new to the guitar, I have a steel string acoustic. I don't have any money for lessons and there isn't really anyone I can ask.

All I am doing now is learning and practising chords. Is it normal to find even these difficult? It's always like one of my fingers is touching on another string, or I'm not pressing down on a string hard enough. Which leads me on to my next question. When I play, for example, an A chord, where my index finger has to be far away from the fret, I just cannot create the node with my finger without serious effort and pain. I know guitar hurts, but due to the amount of exertion I have to use just pinning that string down with my finger, something instinctive is telling me something's not right. Did anyone have anything similar? What should I do? I shall persevere, of course! Thanks!
for people new to the instrument, everything seems hard at first. just keep practicing, maybe look at some lessons on here, youtube, etc to make sure youre doing everything correctly, and you'll get going faster than you know it.

never give up!
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for the A chord use your index finger to bar the four lower string (E + A strings uncovered)
and if you want to learn a song but need help feel free to pm me anytime for help
Yah man guitar hurts especially starting with an acoustic. they have heavier strings and are easier to screw up on. Even with chords i found just placing fingers and hitting one string at a time till they all sound right helped me. Once you learn the right formation your hand will impulsively react into that movement.

What kind of guitar do you have?, is it a cheap ish starter kit guitar? More often than not, these gitars have quite poor action (distance between the strings and fretboard), meaning you have to push down harder on the strings for the note to sound clear. Im not saying you need to get a new guitar, most people learn on instruments with the same problem. Also, after a while of playing, your fingertips will harden up and form callouses which willl reduce the pain you feel from pushing down the strings.

If you have any more questions, have a look at the Guitar Techniques Forum or the Acoustic and Classical Forum

That is perfectly normal. Everything is going to seem difficult at first- hell holding a guitar for the first time felt so awkward to me...I had to get use to even that. Chords are a great place to start. Scales as well and think about possibly reading up on some theory.