I don't care if you're 5. It's still horrible, lawlz

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Put the songs on your profile, I cant get to Myspace here
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dont have some instant messenger on while recording a song then have the beep sound go off of someone iming you in the middle of a recording. and get better recordings, you might have somthing good going, but with the ht quality of the recordings, it makes you unable to focus on the music.
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I don't care if you're 5. It's still horrible, lawlz

I hope you're just referring to the sound quality. If not, you're being a d*uche. Sorry, just pointing that out. On this forum, you can't tell someone they're bad and then not offer constructive criticism. Granted, the sound quality really is terrible, but they have room to grow.

I enjoyed listening your rendition of the Halloween theme. I don't really have an opinion on the other song, I can't really make out a lot of things and the popping on the track was a little annoying. Just find a way to record things better and I'm sure it'll sound much better.
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Hmmm not sure...sound needs massive improvement but meh, I'm sure that'll come with more age like other things can't believe you lot are 14-15 years old though and already have a band, I learned guitar at 16 and got a band up and running around 21, 22 so it's good that you lot have already started. more room for improvement but that's the same with any band.
dont listen to them. You guys have some serious potential. BUT.... you do need a new method of recording cause the bumps and crackles during the track drove me crazy. keep working.
Drummer isn't horrible. Drum beats are horrible. It doesn't match the music at all... slowest bass I've heard in metal... and a cowbell? Really? I'm not mocking you guys cause you have potential (maybe more if you got a new drummer) but you need better gear for recording or go to a low end studio for like 20 bucks an hour and record ONE song I'm sure tht wouldn't take more then 2 hours to get perfect.
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To be honest with you...Its ok

Lol Check out there influences.
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Im In a band called dying in red and wehave two songs posted...tell me what you think!

we didnt post the signing yet.


Hey man some advice, turn your gains and volumes down running into the recording. That's whats giving you that "clicky" clipping noise. Best of luck.
get better recordings and then ill judge
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You guys definately need better recording equipment. From the looks of that page, it seems like you focused more on myspace than songwriting. What you should try to do is perfect your songs and then post them on the internet, bacause as this thread has shown, there are a lot of d*cks on the internet.
It's bad when I mistake your music for an electronic glitch song.

Very bad.

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I don't care if you're 5. It's still horrible, lawlz

Oh my, Lol!!! Yeah I dont like it either >_>!
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Learn how to spell 'ballad'. haha

The sound quality is pretty bad and if you were trying to play the Halloween theme there in the beginning, that's not even close. However it seems like you do have potential. Get some good recordings and practice hard and you'll get there!