I have just now saved up enough money for my first bass, could somebody give me some ideas on what songs, techniques, etc.. that i should learn?

I like to play funk, blues, and rockabilly.
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Once you master the basics you should learn some slapping/popping, Chili Pepper's first album has a lot of that. Look up some early day Zeppelin.
Get your basics and techniques down. This is where even a few short months with a teacher or professional bass player can pay off big time.

One thing--make sure your hand positioning is good from the start. Its a hard thing to break later on if you're doing it wrong. And timing is as important as playing the right notes. You are a member of the rhythm section for a reason.

For songs, there is a "songs to learn thread" up at the top of the forum. Many good ideas there.
Sounds like Rancid stuff is the stuff for you.

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Learn some Blink 182 (if you're feeling adventurous try Carousel). Al of the other songs are generally just root notes so they aren't hard to play, but if you enjoy playing your bass you should not find it boring.

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