I’m getting stuck when it comes to learning new chords, I’m having the hardest time on finding the right harmonization for certain song’s passages and I only know how to play basic chords. I don’t know where to find the right chord for one melody that I’m working on and then I’m always ending up my compositions with the same chords over and over.

The thing is that I’m not interested on doing solo’s or play the guitar as a guitarist; I’m focusing more on play the guitar while I’m singing. I want to be a decent songwriter. So, everywhere I search for this type of information I end up reading some “Tools for soloing~ or something, and that’s not what I’m looking for.

So, basically, what I’m looking for is to find a good resource where I can learn a lot about chords, songwriting (guitar oriented) and melody harmonization, without getting too complicated. Not because “I don’t want to”, just that I’m interested on other things right now.
Well, it sounds like you really mean that “Want to be a songwriter” thing. First of all,I salute you, to me you sound like you’re no more than 18 years old, and having things so clear at such young age it’s worth of congratulations. The musical field is so wide that sometimes you could get lost . Ok, now, take it easy, don’t freak out. Try to find resources that fit your specific needs. So, you want to learn chords and other stuff that helps you to write acoustic oriented songs? I recommend you to get this DVD set, http://www.easymusiclessons.com/guitar-lessons/how-to-play-guitar-chords.html one of my students got it (when they were first starting out) and once that he started taking lessons with me, he had a wide knowledge about harmony with strong basis on guitar chords. I borrowed from him and found that the material is very good and it’s pretty well organized.
Well I checked the site and bought the chords DVD, I'll be experimenting with this new material and I'll get backl to tell you how it worked
Learn chord and harmony theory. Alot of guitarists tend to think that music theory is only done by shredders and lead guitarists for some reason. But I too enjoy that whole singer-songwriter feel, and after learning what notes are necessary for what types of chords, it all got better instantly. That way, if you ever think "I need to progress to this chord, but its just not chaotic enough" then you can learn to modify it to a 13 chord or something. It takes a little longer than just looking up chords, but if you learn it then you will eventually be able to play any chord you can think up (and have your hands reach.)
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