I finally found words to the music that I wrote a long time ago! Tell me what you think!

Verse 1:
If I could find away
To make you change
What would you do?
You never listen
You never want to hear the truth
You're always hiding
You're always running
You never turn around to see what you've left behind
And now you sit there
Thinking 'bout your better days
(They all vanished in the haze)

Pre Chorus
The walls around you are crashing down
Sanity is lost and can't be found

You lost yourself
In a web of lies
And you're trying to get by

You lost yourself
And now I realized
That you're long gone and out of sight, yeah

Verse 2:
I was always there
I never left when you wanted me too
I was always by your side
I never wanted to leave you
But now you're lying
And now you're crying
You're never sure of what you want baby
But now I'm satisfied
A sadistic smile on my face
(You're such a disgrace)

Pre Chorus


Guitar Solo


You lost yourself x4

the dudes in your sig have horrible aim.
ive been staring at them for ten minutes now and neither is dying!


on topic.

i personally thought that the first verse was much better than the second.
the pre chorus seemed a little cleche. but i kinda liked it. the second line made up for it.
in the first verse, if this was mine, i would take everything after "youre always running" and throw it away and start over with it... there really isnt much criticism i have for it. i'm just not fond of it much.

well, i am at work atm.
i will try to get back to this asap to give a full crit.