C4C. The computer I'm uploading these from can't read Guitar Pro (the one with guitar pro isn't hooked up to the internet currently, so I transferred it over via CD), but I think it should still work. The vocals are muted and hidden when you first open it; I request that you listen to the song without vocals, then go back and listen to it with the vocals and lyrics added and tell me if they fit, although any crit I can get will be helpful. I'm actually rather proud of this peice. Let me know what you think.
Project 75.gp5
Project 75.gp4
Intro: the transition vom bar 4 to 5 isnt really good, it seems that the chord progression isnt really fitting, especially the A5 at the end.

Verse: basivcally the same drums are okay but nothing special, I guess its okay with the relaxed mood the song creates.

Chorus: Everything seems fine but you should really use full chords and not too much powerchords.

Bridge: Your chord progression is good but I'd spice it up a bit, use something like this

Outro: Good idea to bring the intro back but maybe add something to it, to show that some development took place during the song.

Overall a decent song as far as the singer is talented, intrumentally it's nothing special.

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the only thing i suggest you to do is to do something different in the outro.
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Thanks for the crits guys, I'll do C4C as soon as my computer with GP gets hooked up to the internet, which will just be a couple days. As far as the outro, I was hoping just the change in vocals combined with the change in bass would be enough, but I guess not; I'll have to look into it.
The chord progression was pretty generic. And the Drums need some work. Plus the picking of the chords is pretty boring. Chorus is pretty nice. Bridge was fine. I personally don't like Major, but it was pretty nice. 8/10
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