I posted yesterday,but now that I have read up on the etiqutte of posting,I didnt know that I was supposed to use the "c4c" .So,if anyones bored out there,I could use some suggestions,or comments. I used Acid music studio recorded through my pc.Thanks!
Heavy - Really like the lead guitar solo. Reminds me somewhat of yngwie malmsteen, in a good way . Try decreasing volume of drums, and increasing guitar... will give much better mix.

Laid back - This one is laid back indeed! I really like the tone of the lead guitar, and the melody... this sort of stuff i like. I like the 1.12 bit where the guitar goes 'crazy' so to speak. Some pretty skilled playing here.

Rock - Like the harmonies you've got going on here, and the guitar melody again. Make sure it doesn't get too fuzzy in the mix - try to clean things up a tiny bit. Other than that, a pretty memorable main melody

Slow blues - I like the trills at the start of the piece, really define the character that you are trying to create. Nice licks implemented here. Again some skilled playing here.

Kinda mellow - Haha, i like this one. Good use of effects, and tones for each of the guitar parts. 1.34 things really start to kick of in your own unique style. One bad thing though... now i can't get this out of my head!!!

Keep it up!

Plz can you comment on the midi songs i have on my profile (so i can perfect them ready for recording).