If you were gonna upgrade a squier standard tele what would you do...Please dont' bother with the usual Squier bashing we've heard it all before, just some sensible answers.

Tuners, pups, pots, maybe bridge? depends on what you want to improve on.
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well, to be completely honest, weigh the pros and cons of upgrading vs new guitar. squiers really arent that great to begin with, count in the cost, how much youll be playing, work involved, etc.
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Depending on what amp i'd have I would look at the amp first. After that if it's good then the hardware would get upgraded and electronics and then finally pickups. Though saving up for a whole new guitar would be good idea too.
Why are people still bashing squire in the last two years the quality of their products have gotten better, what everyone forgets is that for under £200 your guitar isn't going to be spectacualar compared to other guitars,If you could give a squire to eric clapton he could make it sound nearly as good as any other guitar. btw you could get new routing and get seymour duncan p-90's fitted. but it depends on kind of genre you want to play.
Thanks ISwanton, Nicely said. There is a certain amount of snobbery going on.

I'm playing mostly blues but I do play a fair cross sections. In reply to azn guitarist25, I'm more than happy with the Vox (just realised I hadn't put my gear list up when i first posted this). I was just considering a new set of single coil pups, I hadn't realised that the wiring would have that much effect.

Oh and Cold Gin..........I wouldn't be seen dead with a guffed up painted ***** like the link you suggested!

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