So i got an overclocked pc, for 1) music recording 2) vst playing live and 3) gaming. Now ive been more on the xbox than the pc for gaming and there isnt that many good new pc games coming out it seems. When i play vsts, despite having 4gbs or ram and a 3.2ghz speed processor i still get lag and the vsts choke from time to time. Finally i tried recording just audio on my old dell and it seemed to work ok.

So should i just get a macbook or macbook pro? If so what spec should i get (bearing in mind recording and playing vsts live is a priority?
I heard macs weren't very good for gaming, but were pro for recording/video editing.

Just throwing that out there.
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Isn't VST made by/manifactured by Microsoft? In that case, slim chance of getting it on a MacBook unless you can be bothered to dual boot Windows, in which case it's probably easier to just get a newer PC with good specs. This will also probably cost you less than a MacBook.

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Don't buy it,no need for 2 computers.
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Couldn't you just buy a normal laptop, thus saving yourself a fuckton of money.


Computer thread?
I got my HP dv7t for $1000 less than the macbook pro at the time, basically the same specs, if not mine being better. They are overpriced. It doesn't run slow at all with 4GB ram... plays Oblivion on the highest specs fine and it has vista. You're paying for the name and looks if you buy those. Also, you can find good video/recording software anywhere... it's not like it needs to be pre-installed.