That has a similar feel to my bass, Yamaha RBX375... I really love playing this bass... Does yamaha make any good guitars even? What brands offer neck styles similar to those of my bass?
maybe epiphone, bass necks are typically thicker, but just because you like it for bass doesn't mean you'll like it for guitar, my guitars neck is way to thick for me and its about the same as my bass'
Well by bass neck, if you mean a big fat thick neck, Schecter usually has some thick necks. I'd look into that and test a few out to see if you like their necks (along with the sound of course).
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ESP and Epiphones have the thickest necks.
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DBZ guitars, love'em. Especially their Les Piccolo model.
Yamaha do still make one or two models in the RGX series.
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If you get a Yamaha guitar, You don't want a cheap one. And yes these people are right, Gibson necks are really thick.