Original song by Chris Hall

In a sea of deep poems and literary masterpieces, yet again, I offer a simple change of pace. Not going for awards and fame, just whipping up songs to jam and sing to.

I wrote this song about a year ago after seeing a commercial for some sitcom (House of Payne, I think) where the dad busts in the door and shouts the title line to his family. Then, I was mortified about 3 months ago when I heard "Somebody call 911" used in that pop song "Fire on the dance floor" or whatever. I swear I had it down first and even played the song for some people who like it. So, I'm interested if it is too similar or, well, any good. This is just a fun song, not to be taken seriously, and totally not intended to promote murder. Just venting frustration (me being a 6-3, 235 lb guy often with these thoughts in my head, when little guys pester me). The song is played to acoustic guitar, kind of in Jack Johnson's funkier style songs. I envision a jazzy/dancing horn section kicking in for the chorus part. So, maybe more like Dave Matthews.

Tick, tock goes the clock
And, bubble, bubble, bubble goes my blood
As, you just keep spouting off
Ignoring all signals to shut up

Well, maybe you’re just an innocent
And, I swear that I’m not violent
But somebody better call 911
'Cause there’s about to be a murder

Um, hmmm
Good god! There’s about to be a murder
Ahhh, a ladidadi freaking murder
Ohhh, won’t someone stop this murder?

Well, I won’t kill you with my hands,
Use a gun or any physicalness
No, but I know how to cut with my tongue
And, slicing you up will be quick and fun

So, I hope you take this offensively
'Cause I’m about to attack you personally
Somebody better call 911
There’s about to be a murder


Now, listen up my little friend
There’s something here you really need to comprehend
Your button pushing times are almost up
And, this sleeping volcano is about to erupt

Oh, I’ll go down in history as “that bad dude”
Proof that even the nice guys can come unglued
Somebody better call 911
'Cause there’s about to be a murder

[Chorus] (x2)

Um, hmmm
La di da da dah
Um, hmmm
La didi dada da
Um, hmmm
There’s about to be a murder
Um, hmmm
A ladidadi freaking murder
Um, hmmm
Well somebody better call...
(Somebody call...)
(Somebody, somebody please call...)
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when I read through it i imagined a pretty sweet hard rock song. You could definitely make somethin outta that one
For hard rock, I would ditch verse 2 and just say I'm going to kill the dude. Mean and angrily. Korn song, maybe.

replace verse 2 with:
"Now, I'm going to grab your scrawny neck."
"Squeeze and squeeze till your last breath..."

It such an easy rhythm to rhyme to.

In seriousness, I tried really hard to make it lighter. The line that inspired was funny. So, I'd like to keep it light and fun. I mean "Ladidadi fricken murder" is just so fun to sing! This song makes me laugh. I think I'll keep it this way, but thanks.
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Like you said, it was a change of pace. I liked it. Especially the verse before the last chorus.

Thanks so much for taking the time to critique my work. I really appreciate it!
Nice work