So I've been looking online and I can't seem to find any information on this guitar that my grandmother passed onto me. It is a Guild Madeira A-11 serial number 00641. It is an acoustic guitar but it has the ability to be plugged into an amplifier and played electrically. It takes 2 AA batteries. It is brand new, she bought it in the late 60s early 70s and legit played it once and when I opened the case there was a lot of dust on it. There were new strings put on in '99 which were never used.

It's beautiful but what I'm confused about is if it exists because I cannot find any information on the A-11. They have info on these:
* A-1 (0)
* A-10 (0)
* A-12 (0)
* A-18 (0)
* A-20 (0)
* A-30H (0)
* A-30M (0)
* A-30R (1)
* A-32SB (1)
* A-40 (0)
* A-6 Guild (0)
* AM-12 (0)
* C-600 (0)
* C-900 (0)
* EG-330 (1)
* EG-41BLK (1)
* EG-60SB (0)
* EG-61BLK (0)
* EG-71BH (1)
* EG-71BLK (0)

But my A-11 is left out And I definitely am not reading the tag wrong it is clearly a model number A-11 I have looked at it so many times to figure out if I am just dyslexia lol and I'm not.

Does anyone know anything about guitar I have?
My camera isn't working lol. I'll figure it out though. So noone has any info on the A-11?