I'm not sure if this is the right section but I'll post it here.

At the moment - here are my cover videos. Yes they are terrible - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnT9tGHke84

How else can I record covers? At the moment, I have a video camera which is broke, it has to be plugged in to work. I plug the camera in, place it on top of my amp and get the song on my phone and play the song on my phone, record it with the amp on as you can see in the video.

Is there a better and cheap way of recording?
Download a backing track or use a Guitar Pro file, export the drums and run them through a Drum VSTi in cubase or whatever DAW you have, then check out my VST Amp Simulation tutorial and you'll have studio quality tone in no time!
1. Get a microphone and a mic stand
2. Put microphone near amp so it can get most sound and adjust levels accordingly.
3. Record and make sure you have little to none background noise
4. Back tracks are a plus and make covers better. \

Of course there are better ways of recording but you have to start from basics before you go into much higher ways of recording. More mics makes the sound better and if you want top notch quality using two mics put one mics near the right and one to the left.