So yesterday I receive this hernia inducing package.

(Note: this pic is probably a 1/100th scale model )

After dragging it upstairs, I open it up.

And it is...

A Vetta.
It was upgraded to the Vetta II software before the guy shipped it though. The guy was willing to let it go for only $450+shipping, and it works wonderfully. The only problem is that the backlight on the preset select starts to flicker and then it goes out, but it is still pretty visible.

And a question to any Vetta users- what components would I need to successfully hook it up to my computer? I find the Public Tone Exchange concept quite interesting and would like to download/upload patches and tones.
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lovin' it!

i would have had a hernia too if a box like that arrived at my place with an expensive piece of equipment inside.

I've been looking to try one of those!

awesome, great deal you got on it. how's it sound?

a toast to the TS!!


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Some first impressions:

Going back to Line 6 after dealing with my Spider III (ew) was a bit daunting. I had never tried an of their high end stuff (the Vetta and the HD147) and had tried the Spider Valve, which I personally didn't like... still sounded too digital. While I had heard great things about the Vetta (most of them from here), I was a bit wary about how digital it would sound.

But that doubt was instantly gone when I played it. Wow... I cannot believe that I got it for $450 because I would have payed much more than that for it. While it still has a smidge of digital quality to it, it sounds right in the ballpark of what amp it is emulating.

When I would get an amp, usually it only took about a day or two to make a mental list of what it could and couldn't do- for instance, my Ampeg VH140C is great for metal and clean, but a bit sterile for classic rock and jazz. Then my old Bogner Duende could do classic rock and jazz and cleans wonderfully, but metal was a bit out of it's reach. With the Vetta, every sound I could want is in my grasp. It's great.
The only thing I worry about now is how delicate it is. I live in Las Vegas, and the only Line 6 service center is a good hour drive. The Vetta seems like a giant computer stuffed into an amp- which is good, but computers bug up and have problems... and shipping would be a total bitch.