Well, as the title suggests, I am unable to try an RG321-EX before purchasing it, as all guitar shops in my area blow - the rest are much too far away.

I have, however tried my mates Ibanez and find it comfortable, due to the neck, etc.

But, seeing as they're different guitars, and the sticky says to try before buying..

Well, Im really stuck.
Try a guitar as similar to it as possible.
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Is your friend's Ibby a RG also? Maybe compare the neck dimensions of both guitars. If they're the same or similar, chances are it will feel about the same.
just buy it, and if you don't like it return it? i've found most ibanezs are kinda the same with the exception of some aspects.
Okay, It's an Ibanez SA 36 FM.

slightly wider frets - does it matter too much?

Everything else is the same.
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