Well I decided I wanted a Multi Efx Pedal. Mostly just to spice up my Guitar playing experience. I have owned multi efx pedals before...and have had BAD luck with them. I have since tried a lot of Multi efx....And Found I dislike most...while others I have not had the luck of trying out.

But To the question. I want a nice multi efx pedal....I prefer to pay less then 500...I don't need distortion on the pedal, or wah (so the quality of those 2 does not matter). I would like a good harmonizer.....Good chorus...volume pedal (or ability to plug a volume pedal into it and use it) and I want it to be as close to a true bypass as possible, or at least just not suck my tone dry like so many Digitech Multi efx do.

I am going to run it through my efx loop....which my amp has a series efx loop as well as a parallel loop.

I have been looking at the
Vox ToneLab LE,
TC Electronics Nova System,
And even a Boss ME 70

any help is appreciated.